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attix pharma background

We are a Distributor

Darmerica is a Florida based, FDA Inspected, GMP Compliant, and State Licensed distributor of API's, Nutraceuticals, Peptides, and other bulk chemicals for the Pharmaceutical and Compounding Pharmacy Industries. Darmerica is licenced to ship nationwide, and is also an FDA Inspected and state licenced relabeling and repacking facility. In 2019 Darmerica officially assumed control of the distribution business from Attix.

Quality is Our Priority

The key to our success is that we have a strict and robust quality control processes to ensure product quality. Darmerica works with only the most reputable FDA registered manufacturers and complies fully with all FDA requirements. We perform third party and in house testing on all of our API manufacturers' products to ensure the highest quality standards are met. We also have in house repacking and relabeling facilities. Our products are always handled with the highest level of care. We are fully committed to product integrity, strong customer service and ongoing support.

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Darmerica History


Since Darmerica was established, we have continued to grow and expand. We have a large team that is able to keep operations running at capacity and ensuring our clients’ orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. Darmerica was honored to donate a substantial quantity of Hydroxychloroquine that we had been able to secure when the nation was most in need. We donated this Hydroxychloroquine to a large number of Compounding pharmacies who served hospitals and physicians throughout the country during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to thank the FDA for their cooperation in expediting customs clearance and in providing priority testing of the product.

2020  Continued Growth and Community Involvement

2019  Darmerica's Official Distribution

Darmerica has officially assumed control of the distribution business from Attix as a Florida based US premier distributor of bulk pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and food ingredients for all

industries nationwide and worldwide.

2016  Establishment of Darmerica

Darmerica was established in April 2016 with the goal of becoming the foremost distributor of bulk pharmaceutical ingredients in the nation. We foresaw a need in the industry for a dynamic new enterprise, which combined a prime distribution location in Orlando, FL, with the many years of industry experience of our team. Leveraging these assets, Darmerica was born, with a pedigree of quality and intensive industry knowledge.


Darmerica supplies active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), nutraceuticals, cosmetic ingredients, peptides, herbal extracts and more worldwide.

Fast Delivery

We arrange efficient shipments and provide fast delivery and tracking for our customers using local brokers & logistics, contract carriers and courier service.


We guarantee the highest quality products with very competitive prices which meets our customers’ product specifications and cost reduction.


We are very responsive. Call or e-mail us to get the prompt answers you need. Our service philosophy is to participate in long-term, value-driven relationships 


Many products available in existing inventory. If we do not have the ingredients in our inventory, or make it our labs, we will find it for you through our worldwide network.


We offer flexible payment terms and competitive customized pricing to maximize your profitability and pass healthcare savings on to your customers.


We have stringent quality systems in place to ensure our manufacturers processes follow the international guidelines. All of our products are tested to guarantee the highest level of quality and consistency with USP, BP, CP, JP, In-House grade

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