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Attix Pharmaceuticals

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We are Experts

With over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Attix works with Distributors and Manufacturers to maximize business opportunities. Our strategic partners have access to a full line of pharmaceutical ingredients, nutraceuticals, natural herbal extracts, peptides, and anti-aging materials, as well as custom designed products for all industries worldwide.

Quality is Our Priority

Our distributors have strict and robust quality control processes to ensure product quality. Their FDA registered, cGMP manufacturers are supported by experienced scientists in state-of-the-art facilities to provide the highest quality of products. We are fully committed to product integrity, strong customer service and ongoing support.

Attix Pharmaceuticals

425 University Ave, Suite 800
Toronto, ON, M5G 1T6, Canada

Customer Feedback from Attix’s Former Years as a Distributor

"Glad we found you! We like ATTIX attitude, always up for a challenge when we are sourcing products, and we love the ATTIX packaging, very easy to differentiate their products from other companies in the industry."

—  Al Cannia, Essential Pharmacy Compounding

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Attix History

Over the two decades that Attix has been in operation, the company has continued to grow. This growth includes expanded community involvement, entry into new markets, and a strategic partnership with the USA based Darmerica to provide services to their pharmaceutical distribution operations. A highlight of our community involvement is the recent substantial donation that Attix has made to the University Health Network in Toronto to help out during the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2020  Continued Growth and Community Involvement

2000  Establishment of Attix

The early years of Attix began in Toronto in the year 2000. Syveon, the founder and the chief chemist of Attix, rented space in a lab at York University to develop Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for pharmaceutical manufacturers. After having worked on several projects, he developed strong relationships with these manufacturers and formed key partnerships. As the industry grew in China, and knowing that these manufacturers now reached a North American standard for quality, he decided it was time to expand the scope of the business, and equipped with these strong relationships, started taking key steps in becoming a premier supplier in the industry worldwide.

About The Founders

Prior to developing the framework of his company, Syveon graduated from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Beijing Medical University in 1992 with a Masters of Medicine. He later moved on to pursue a PhD and do research work in the Biochemistry Department at Sydney University in Australia, before taking his foundation of Knowledge and research to North America. He then continued to study at the Chemistry Department of the University of Toronto, where some of this PhD research work was published in the Journal of Chemical Research (Cambridge, England) and some North American journals as well.

He also gained valuable experience in Canada as a research chemist for some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Canada, focusing on R & D, drug delivery, and product development. With over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry as a chemist, he understands the importance of using high quality products, and therefore maintains this same standard for each and every customer.

Wayne MacInnis, a co-founder of Attix, worked for the Ontario Government at Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) for 30 years, where he was the manager, assistant director and acting director. He was solely responsible for the entire regional office of approximately 120 staff members including support services and clinical services and supervised six managers. He had devoted himself to the board and accomplished many difficult projects. He had made significant contributions to the success of the units he worked for. He wrote policies, prepared the annual budget and worked on the Leadership Committee and co-facilitated several workshops on leadership competencies for the management team. As co-chair of the staff management and Relationship committee he guided the development of the Staff Milestone Recognition Celebration. In the early stage of his career, he also worked in a law firm as an assistant, where he had obtained extensive experiences, knowledge, skills in investigation activities relating to WCB claims and general litigation.

We are proud of our extensive product knowledge, excellent technical skills, innovative thinking and strong project management.

Wayne MacInnis

(03 . 1959 - 11 . 2021)

attix pharma background
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